Thursday, February 24, 2011

A letter and gift from my Grandfather to his Mother sent from France just before the end of WW1 (28th Oct 1918)



At 11:42 pm , Blogger reona said...


The gift is so fantastic!!!

Your grandfather had lived in France???

At 8:49 am , Blogger Mike said...

Hi Reona
thanks for the comment . My Grandfather didn't live in France but he joined the army in the first world war when he was just a teenager. He didn't talk about that time but as far as I know he was sent to France to fight. He was too young so he was given the job of delivering water to the troops by water cart. The brooch seems to be a miniature copy of his regimental badge that he ordered as jewelry and had sent to his Mother while he was still serving in France.
take care


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