Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cotswold pursuits , The 2012 Amberley Cow Hunt 05/05/2012

Perched just below Minchinhampton Common with amazing views across the Stroud valleys, the Cotswold village of Amberley with it's lovely collection of ageing stone buildings hosted it's annual cow hunt. Timed to hail the release of the real live cows onto the common each spring it seems the costume cows were really for the kids and the adults were kept happy by an olympic display of homemade cakes.
Please click the photos once and then a second time to view in full size and quality.

Approaching the village from Pinfarthings 

Signing on on the village green in front of the primary school

A classic example of the puns being rolled out for the occasion

A great cow ( maybe the best ? ) and inquisitive kids ...

Amazing backdrop for cow hunters on the trail

Given recent conditions the weather was kind and the rain kept away

This is where the grownups are ...

And this is why ... !!

Face painting ....

Which was amazing ... just one example 
more punnery 

Things turn a tad sinister 

Disturbing ....

Still the good doctor is nearby to help out 

Not a bad setting ..

Kids still enthusiastic on cow number 33

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At 4:04 pm , Blogger Yukari said...

Excellent photos! The kid in the number 33 looks like he is wrestling with the Sumoo Wrestler.


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