Sunday, May 13, 2012

The strange Bird's Nest Orchid , Buckholt Woods, Cranham, Cotswolds 12/05/2012

These splendid but strange Orchids are just starting to poke their heads above ground in Buckholt Woods . They look a little like white asparagus or a strange fungi until the flowers open and even then they look pretty strange. They have no green colour and do not photosynthesise , they feed entirely by digesting a specific fungus that lives on their roots . They must have quite tough stems as we discovered the site by the presence of last years dead plants and seed heads. Please click the pictures twice for full detail and to see their tiny insect friends.

Each bud will open to a small typical Orchid flower but remains the same colour as the rest of the plant.

Last years dead plant showing the empty seed heads.

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