Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eating my way around Japan 2013 part 1 snacks and bento

I love eating in Japan, if you don't have time to find a restaurant or are panicking for lack of an English menu there are endless choices of snacks and bento ( lunch ) boxes or Ekiben available from convenience stores, department stores and railway stations. It puts the English supermarket sandwich counters to shame . Plus they all sell cold beer which you can enjoy in the park or train without any fear of local bylaws .

The 7 - 11 beer and snack run came in handy. 

Nagoya department store bento 

My friend Chiaki's bento choice for the train journey to Ise 
it looked great so a few days later I went back and bought one to eat in Nagoya park.

Deep fried pork cutlet in Nagoya sweet miso dressing.

7 - 11 beer and single malt to relax in El Faro hotel Onagawa 

The Fukushima station Ekiben ( Railway Station speciality lunch box ) 

and it's rather fantastic contents eaten on the Shinkansen from Fukushima to Tokyo 

Late night 7 - 11 bento from Nagoya 

7 - 11s also sell rather unhealthy snacks 

and sweet sticky sesame seaweed 

and the compulsory selection of cold beverages 

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