Saturday, July 13, 2013

Enoshima part 3 a little more

As I said in my previous post I really fell in love the little Island of Enoshima with it's strange mix of disaster, beauty, nature, destruction and recovery.
There were endless subjects that could be photographed with traces of the past, remnants of the tsunami's destruction and examples of life going on as normal.

Here are a few more images from my visit , please click on them a couple of times to view the full detail.

This amazing carved wooden dragon is one of a pair that guards the shrine perched on a hill looking down to the main harbour. The shrine escaped the tsunami but appeared to have been damaged in the earthquake and was slowly being repaired.

A cat sunning itself where a house once stood 

A collection of random objects presumably part of ongoing tidy up attempts

The now abandoned island school and a collection of fishing buoys surrealy miss-located on top of the hill as far away from the sea as possible . 

The coloured buoys lined the pathway to a viewing point that was still beautiful and had escaped the onslaught of bamboo that had enveloped much of the island.

These were the gateposts to an older school that predated the modern replacement above, 
post tsunami there are not enough ( if any ) children living on the island to require a school.

Another contented cat and signs of life and work continuing

A couple more views to end with 

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