Friday, September 05, 2014

Risaikuru, a musical interpretation of two photographs taken in Miyagi prefecture Japan. A brand new album from Longstone.

It's very rare that I do blatant self promotion but my band Longstone have a new album out which combines my interests in music, photography and Japan. I'm really pleased with the results of this project which took a lot of hard work on the part of everyone involved. Hopefully this post will contain enough links and background to give you a flavour of the creative process and the finished article.
All photos and film clips from Japan were taken by myself on my visit to Miyagi prefecture in April 2013. Photos posted here can be clicked once and then a second time to view at full quality and detail.
The last two pictures in this post are the ones that were chosen for the band members to interpret musically for the LP.
If anyone would like to purchase the physical end product which is a vinyl L.P. limited to just 99 copies in an edition packaged with a CD and prints of the two photographs, please visit the Linear Obsessional release page their  web site home page is also linked just below the promo video.

There is also a comprehensive PDF download booklet to accompany the release , it explains the background to the project and contains articles written by all band members about their individual contributions . It can be downloaded for free from this link
Risaikuru booklet PDF

This short promo video was circulated as a teaser for the album

Longstone - Risaikuru promo 1 from Wavetable on Vimeo.

More information at these links

Longstone Facebook page

Longstone's WAVETABLE web site

Cigar box guitars hand built by Kev Fox and used to compose and record themes for the LP

One example of Chris Cundy's armoury of woodwind as used to construct reproductions of ancient note clusters

My recording set up for overdubs 

Stuart Wilding's prepared piano frame 

A promotional copy of the LP

Pack shots of the finished product 

Recycled soil photographed in close up in Onagawa 

Scattered objects in a tsunami tideline on the small Island of Enoshima , Miyagi prefecture Japan 2013 

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