Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kamakura March 2017

 An afternoon trip to  Kamakura Sunday 12th March 2017. 
Please click on the photos once and then again to view in full quality.

The colourful Komachi-dori, a street lined with food stalls , restaurants and souvenir shops leads from the square outside Kamakura Station towards Tsurugaoka HachimangÅ«, the main shinto shrine of Kamakura. It's busy with Japanese and foreign tourists enjoying street snacks and shopping in the Sunday afternoon sunshine. 

The Shrine entrance is marked with a large Torii gate after which there is a wide avenue lined with food stalls and trees .

 After exploring the shrine it was back to Komachi-dori to sample some street snacks 

 Finally a ride on the wonderful private Enoden railway ( Enoshima Electric Railway ) from Kamakura Station to Inamuragasaki Station which is just a couple of minutes walk from the beach.


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