Friday, April 26, 2013

Eating my way around Japan 2013 part 2, the best sushi restaurant in the world. Onagawa .

 On the second day of my visit to Onagawa after returning from Enoshima Island I was taken for lunch at an amazing sushi restaurant on the right hand side of the harbour (as you look out to sea). The restaurant was really busy so we had to wait a while for a table. While waiting I started taking some photos of the fishmongers counter to the side of the dining room, some of the staff then invited me into the fish store or processing room next door. I could certainly see how fresh todays catch was.
The food was delicious and super fresh, I had fish soup and sushi.
I don't remember the English translation for the Restaurants name but here is a link to their Facebook page

Please click on the photos once and then a second time to view in full detail.

A view of the town from the shrine, you can see the reconstruction process to raise the ground level. The restaurant is in the distance on the far right nestled between a red and white crane and the white building in the shadow of the hills.

The Restaurant to the right and fish store to the left 

The fishmongers stall with happy customers eating in the background

Fresh fish !!

Wonderful to see this plant fully working and busy given the level of reconstruction needed in the rest of the town.

Fantastic fish soup, we had to order a second bowl

This is the house speciality which I didn't order because I wanted to try the Sushi,
it is a seafood bowl served on rice.

My super fresh and excellent Sushi 

I was slightly intimidated by this raw beast but once the head was off it slipped down a treat 

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