Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cotswold wild Orchids May 2013

All photos can be clicked once and then a second time for full detail.
All shots were taken over bank holiday weekend 26th/27th May . The Orchids were all a couple of weeks late flowering this year due presumably to the mild spring weather.

First up , Early Purple Orchids on Minchinhampton Common 

Stunning Green Winged Orchids with varied markings on Minchinhampton Common. These are often assumed to be Early Purples as you walk past them but when you get up close the flowers are quite different.

For a size reference you can see they are just taller than the short grass and a similar hight to the Cowslips. It was also a bit windy on the common so it was difficult to get sharp photos.

One of my favourite Orchids , the Bird's Nest just coming up in Buckholt Woods. These splendid flowers have no green or other pigments . They grow under beech trees amongst the dead leaves 

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