Thursday, May 09, 2013

Eating my way around Japan part 4 Nagoya

Dining out in Nagoya 

some amazingly delicious lamb served at this restaurant 

All manner of food washed down with a Japanese white wine 

the drink was a sweet plum flavoured alcoholic beverage 

I believe the dish in the centre was dried squid that was rehydrated in a tasty sauce

Nagoya style Tonkatsu ( Pork cutlet ) with Miso sauce

A noodle restaurant I decided to try by myself 

starting with beer and bamboo shoots 

the waitress tried to give me a fork to eat my noodles, I declined, instead she kindly took my photo

I had a large bowl of miso ramen with roast pork and spiced onion toppings

Gyoza and rather large measure of Shochu 

For my last night in Nagoya I found an Eel restaurant and had the grilled eel on rice set menu

It came with a warm seafood flavoured egg custard, miso soup and pickled daikon 

I finished with pickled squid and sake 

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