Monday, May 27, 2013

Kamakura 2 Engakuji Temple 15/04/2013

The temples around Kita-Kamakura station are located in wooded hillsides and make for a very green and peaceful visit. The nearest Temple to the station happens to be quite large and sprawling, climbing up the side of a hill, Engakuji Temple is also the place where Ozu is buried. I found the grave yard but had neglected to bring the explanation of how to find his grave. I didn't feel it was particularly respectful to wander at random as there were no other people in that area even though the main temple was busy with tourists. Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination and the Temples are famous which has in some ways caused a little commercialism for example all temples charged entry fees ( the first time I had encountered this in Japan ) in addition I noticed some fake bullfrog calling piped in (via hidden speakers near the ponds) presumably to add atmosphere.

It was a wonderful sunny spring day and the gardens were lush and green creating some lovely shadow and light effects.

The entrance steps just to the side of the railway 

The amazing wooden main temple gate, please click the picture twice to see the carpentry detail

The complex stretched way up into the hill

A selection of beautiful gardens and temple buildings, all pictures are clickable to enlarge

The grave yard where Ozu san is laid to rest

The temple bell

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