Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sky High in Tokyo 16/04/2013

As I had allowed myself just one day of sightseeing in Tokyo deciding what to do was a little difficult.
I managed to squeeze in a look at the newly restored Tokyo station and the Emperor's garden before lunch plus a flying visit to the Contemporary art gallery. I decided to catch a train across town for the afternoon and take a look at the SKYTREE. If I had realised the queue just to get a ticket was over an hour I may have chosen differently .... tremendous view though.

With a JR rail card the nearest station is Kinshicho, about 25 minutes walk from the Skytree

This part of Tokyo seemed less " High Rise " than the area around my hotel near Tokyo station

The SKYTREE viewed from from near the station 

Getting closer now 

It was more unnerving looking up at the tower than looking down at the views from it's observation deck ...

In the lift travelling at speed

Slightly hazy view late afternoon but Tokyo still seems to stretch on forever even from this height
click on the photos once and then a second time for full quality and explore the streets 

Inside the main viewing deck 

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