Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kamakura 3 Tokeiji Temple 15/04/2013

Crossing the tracks at Kita-kamakura Station after visiting Engakuji Temple, I came to the entrance of Tokeiji Temple. A smaller Temple with less visitors but greener and even more peaceful and relaxing. Apparently it was a former refuge for women wishing to divorce their husbands .
It was an amazing garden that used shadow and light beautifully and managed to look natural and wild and yet it was clear a huge amount of work would be needed each day to maintain it's appearance .
A very green place which was wonderfully lit by sunlight on the day I was there creating shadowy groves and mysterious corners where statues and other stone ornaments had been carefully placed.  A few patches of flowers and the odd red leafed bush had been added to give subtle spots of colour.
Truly wonderful garden design.
Please click on the photos once and then a second time to enlarge them and enjoy the garden's detail.

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