Monday, June 08, 2015

White Helleborines Leckhampton Hill 07/06/2015

I love these relatively rare Orchids but I find it difficult to get good photos of them. The White Helleborine grows in a very specific habitat requiring both shade and sun , so under trees that have just the right amount of gaps in the canopy to let sunlight through. The flowers rarely open fully and they are quite large buds by Orchid standards although still only 2 or 3 cm in length. Because they grow in poorish light they are spindly and top heavy once in bud so flip about in the slightest breeze. I had to resort to using a flash to get enough depth of field and detail.
Please click on the images once and then a second time to view in full detail.

Not a good picture but shows the habitat they grow in, there are just three or four small colonies on Leckhampton Hill. 

A natural light photo but difficult to get enough depth of field.

The flash gets round the depth of field issue but darkens up the background.

A tiny spider creeps into the bottom right of this shot maybe just a mm or two in size.

It was hanging on this thread

Just a ghost spider in natural light blowing in the wind and impossible to focus on.

Just about caught him with the flash.

The young flower buds

A mature white flower but still no sign of it actually opening.

Detail of the tightly shut petals.

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