Thursday, May 19, 2016

"JAPAN" a photobook by Hiroyuki Ito

I really enjoyed this photobook " JAPAN " by Hiroyuki Ito and it was a bargain at £15.20 including shipping . 
The JR Rail Pass is one of the best things available to tourists visiting Japan allowing almost unlimited travel by trains for a one off fee and vastly cheaper than buying individual tickets. It is only available to foreign visitors so most Japanese people can't buy or use them . 
However Hiroyuki lives in New York and when he obtained a green card he was able to return to Japan with the coveted Rail Pass . 

I like the concept, Japan seen through the eyes of an ex-pat given the freedom to roam the rail network as randomly and cheaply as a foreign tourist. 
All the photos were taken on film and are presented in monochrome in the book . 
You can buy the book here 

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