Thursday, April 13, 2017

A stroll around Yanaka March 2017 part 3

4th March 2017
A visit to Nezu Shrine.

After  enjoying hand dripped coffee and exploring some side streets near Yanaka Ginza it was only a short walk to reach the Nezu Shrine.
By this time the sun had come out, the sky was blue and everything was very bright. The shrine looked amazing in the sunlight so I decided to use a different camera. The Panasonic LX7 was not the best camera I was carrying and it struggles a little in the high contrast between shadow and bright light in the Japanese sunshine. However it is still pretty good and I chose to use it as it has a great 16:9 widescreen setting which captures the views within the shrine grounds more spectacularly. 
Nezu Shrine is supposedly one of the oldest in Japan and it is certainly very attractive now.
Legend suggests the shrine originated in the first century BC, founded by a "fearsome Prince" then moved a short distance to it's present location in the mid 17th century and apparently many of the current structures date back to  1706 when the shrine was rebuilt.

As always please click the photos once and then a second time to view in full quality.


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