Thursday, May 23, 2019

Extended lunch in Onagawa 30th April 2019

The weather was very wet and windy in Onagawa for the final day of Heisei. After grabbing a "grind your own" coffee in a nice new cafe on the main shopping street and checking out a few of the shops I decided it was too misty and unpleasant to warrant a photography walk around the harbour.
So we retired to the arcade for an extended lunch and I enjoyed three different local dishes.
Two of them were set meals so it was a rather substantial feast.

The view of the new shopping street from the station

Grind your own coffee beans in this cafe !

 I bought some interesting ingredients in this great shop selling local produce.

 The conditions were not good for a photography walk.

 Extended lunch set meal number one.
Konago ( young Japanese sand lance fish ) with raw egg and a shrimp.
The soup had fish dumplings in and the set was rounded off with pickles and tea.

 Then ( luckily not a set meal ) I wanted to try a gyutan menchi katsu.
This is grilled minced beef tongue mixed with potato then bread crumbed and deep fried.
Served hot and topped with katsu sauce.

 Finally set meal number two!!
Broiled Hokke 
Also known as Okhotsk atka mackerel or Arabesque greenling!
Served with rice , miso soup, silken tofu and pickles.

 All hotels were fully booked in Onagawa and all the bars seemed closed during the day so back to the station to head to Ishinomaki.


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