Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sushi in Cheltenham

After enjoying a feast of fish dishes while travelling in Japan, I was recently excited by the painting of a new sign on what had been a long empty shop in the Bath Road shopping are of Cheltenham just a couple of minutes stroll from my house.

" Samphire Fishmongers "

It's only been open for ten days or so now and I finally got a chance to pop in and check it out today.
The owners seemed very friendly and were happy for me to take a few snaps.

I'm no fish expert but was excited to note they were selling sashimi grade tuna and their own homemade sushi featuring a couple of pieces topped with the raw tuna.

I bought a pack of the sushi and it tasted pretty good to me . 
I did have a little inside information that they had learned their sushi skills from Ayumi who runs the Japanese Kitchen food store in Woodchester and has a useful sideline in sushi making lessons .

I had some vegetables from the garden that needed using up so I improvised this fish supper to test out a couple of large mackerel I purchased along with the sushi

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At 10:23 am , Blogger marie d said...

Lovely. The Sushi looks great. I will definitely have to try it.

At 10:25 am , Blogger marie d said...

The Sushi looks wonderful... I'll have to get some sometime.


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