Saturday, May 26, 2018

08/05/2018 A day out on the last remaining street car line in Tokyo. Part 2 Waseda Terminal Station and an Edo era garden.

We decided to first take the tram from Higashi-Ikebukuro a few stops to one end of the line in Waseda where there is the terminal station. A guide leaflet seemed to indicate that there was a garden close by the Waseda University that should be worth exploring. It was a dull and cloudy day with a constant threat of rain but luckily it held off and stayed dry most of the time. We bought 400 yen day passes from the driver as we boarded the tram, it was busy with students heading to the University campus in Waseda so standing room only. It trundles along at a slow-ish pace and you can see plenty of Tokyo passing by through the windows, parts of the track are exclusive for the trams passing between various buildings but other sections pass along roads and Waseda Terminal Station is in the middle of a busy road. Waseda was bustling with students , it was lunchtime and they were queuing at popular restaurants or strolling across campus, we strolled around a little before finding what looked like an old garden next to a shrine. It turned out to be Kansen-en Park an Edo era garden dating from the 1770s in a classic style with a gourd shaped pond and a fake mountain at one end, it's name means something like Sweet Water apparently because a natural spring of good water filled the ponds.


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