Sunday, May 27, 2018

08/05/2018 A day out on the last remaining street car line in Tokyo. Part 3 Omokagebashi to Koshinzuka

After a very pleasant and peaceful stroll around Kansen-en garden, the exit left us close to the next station on the line rather than the Waseda terminal, being an old tram line the stations are often close together. So we rejoined the tram at Omokagebashi station which was also in the middle of a busy road and traveled along the line back through Higashi-Ikebukuro and onto Koshinzuka station which was where the next destination of our exploration of less well trodden Tokyo was located.
It's a very interesting view from the windows as you travel plus a lot of the track has been lined with rose bushes to brighten things up after the sakura has finished.


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