Tuesday, May 29, 2018

08/05/2018 A day out on the last remaining street car line in Tokyo. Part 4, Sugamo Jizo-Dori (The "Old Ladies Harajuku")

After getting off the tram at Koshinzuka station and crossing the tracks we saw the colourful gateway to Sugamo Jizo Dori just a few yards away, passing the entrance to a small shinto shrine on the left as we approached this popular shopping street.
Sugamo Jizo Dori is an old style Tokyo shopping street supposedly popular with old people for it's accessibility, cheap prices, traditional snacks, healing Buddhist statue and lucky red underpants!!!
It was lined with some cafes and restaurants but mostly retail outlets and traditional food stalls selling snacks and sweets etc.
First we stopped at a nice cafe and enjoyed good coffee and a sandwich for lunch, a quick snack so as to allow more time for exploring and strolling in this colourful place. It isn't a street frequented by overseas visitors as far as I could see, it is a street with many attractions for Tokyo people.
The shops are selling comfortable clothing aimed at older people rather than the high fashion seen in trendier areas hence the nickname " Old Person's Harajuku" or " Old Ladies harajuku" plus the snacks and candy on sale seem very traditional  and nostalgic.
This street has a Buddhist Temple about half way along which opens onto the pavement , another reason for Sugamo's success as this temple is very popular for it's "healing" statue. Plus there are also the  famous " Aka-pantsu" stores .... shops selling red underpants for both sexes along with red socks and other bright red undergarments, these are supposed to bring good luck to the wearer.
We walked the length of the street in both directions enjoying some traditional rice crackers as a snack. It really is like stepping back in time a few decades and experiencing an older less touristy Tokyo.
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